Estate Planning In Bedford NY

Building a good life for your family is not an easy task, so it only makes sense to use every tool at your disposal to get the best possible outcomes for the ones you care about. Estate planning offers you new and effective options for planning for the future and for whatever may come your way. Change is inevitable, which is why it is crucial to lay the groundwork for protecting your assets and your loved ones.

At Goldman Schwartz, LLC, we try to simplify the complexities that come with estate planning to help you achieve your all of your goals. Our firm is here to help with a variety of needs, including:

Estate Planning

After all the work you put into building your estate, you deserve to transfer as much of it as you’d like to those you designate. Our firm has you covered with this. We can help you choose the best estate plan available, specific to your needs.

Special Needs Planning

Those caring for a child with a disability or living with a disability of your own, means that you face a unique set of challenges over the course of your life. At Goldman Schwartz, LLC, we can help you develop a sound financial plan and do what it takes to retain complete and total access to all of your benefits.

Elder Law

Our comprehensive elder law services can assist you in maintaining strong financial stability as well as keep your benefits coming in.


Our team of do-it-all experts is here to guide you through the entire probate process, making certain that your loved one’s instructions are followed to the letter.

Please contact us today to find out more about our estate planning services in Bedford, NY.